2020 Vision Update

2020 Vision Banner Small

2015 continues to be an exciting year for ‘2020 Vision’ @CPBC as visual resources, new groups, new ministries and special events form part of various initiatives to be developed over the next 5 years.

As we move forward in our original? year visionary plan here are a few updates which encapsulates our ‘2020 Vision @CPBC.

Pull up banners for brightening rooms, supporting events and supporting outreach in local schools and the community including activities in the park and on the sea front. We are grateful to Andrew Pearce from Milton Be for helping to design and match text with photo images· and graphics. The second proofs should be available to review during July. Just as a reminder our banners are based on a CPBC family set of 5;

  1. Motto “We seek to bring people to Jesus, and together grow in our relationship with God and Each other as we serve the community”
  2. Community ‘Brigades, Messy Church, Tots & Toddlers’
  3. Worship ‘Prayer, Praise, Preaching’
  4. Fellowship ‘Coffee, King’s Table, CORE small groups’
  5. Mission ‘Food Bank, Home Mission, BMS’

Church website – www.cpbc.co.uk the refreshed website developed by Tim Cooke is now live and church groups are already encouraged to manage their own activity logs, event calendars and share reports and photos. Do get further involved in this invaluable communication media especially as Tim needs to know he has help on board!

A Catering Point in the church, professionally designed and quality built to suit the interior of the sanctuary is envisaged as a key part of progressing ‘2020 Vision. The church has already received substantial donations to this project which will help focus our many ministries· during the week and provide for wider community outreach.  Please be prayerful over future decisions to fulfil this visionary work as we await final designs to be fully costed before a final recommendation is brought before the church.

Community Youth Choir takes place every Tuesday evening. An exciting opportunity for youngsters to gather and sing in an ideal building equipped with stage, microphones and lights. We continue to encourage this initiative and ask for fellowship and friends to support the first stage event @CPBC during this month – please read the event poster found elsewhere in this newsletter.

Events – Youth Choir and Caprione Choir have event dates already on the summer calendar. As we seek to develop a lively programme stretching over the next 5 years let’s support these events but also think of other opportunities to reach out .in to the community.

Let’s be creative and ambitious for the lord’s work here in Weston- super-Mare. We recognise our buildings are an essential part of CPBC, a marker for our church in the community but also key to ministry and establishing ‘2020 Vision’. We should expect to use the building which we have generously refurbished for community wide work, to host events. We should anticipate inviting the local community to these events, film nights, conferences, music concerts, celebration events drama and theatre etc.  on the premises.

Let’s be creative and ambitious for the Lord’s work in this church!

Photograph of Kevin Speakman


Kevin Speakman – ‘2020 Vision’ Group