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Albanian Shoe Box Appeal



The BWF held their last formal meeting in June this year but have continued to meet once a month informally in members’ homes.

When Steve spoke about the Albanian Shoe Box Appeal some of our ladies thought it would be a good project for us to be involved with. We collected together a large number of items which had been suggested on the sheet we had from the West of England Baptist Association (WEBA) and we were able to fill ten shoe boxes plus a bag full of other items that were over as we did not have enough shoe boxes for them. These boxes were taken to Cairns Road Baptist Church on 17th October where the whole project is being co-ordinated. They will be going to Albania in the next couple of weeks.

I would like to thank everyone who collected items for these boxes – it was so good to see them full to overflowing with such lovely things. I know that we all enjoyed this project and we were amazed to see how much was given from such a small group of people.

We just pray that these boxes will bring pleasure to those who receive them and that God’s love will shine through to the Albanian families.


Maureen Price

Communion Offerings – July 2015

On alternate months the additional offerings at the services which include communion are given to other organisations involved in mission, either locally, nationally or internationally.

For July it was decided to support Chaplaincy About Town (ChAT). They are a charity that has been set up by local Christians, to provide a friendly listening ear to businesses, employees, shoppers & anyone who frequents the Weston-super-Mare town centre.

£109.70 has been sent to them – for which they have expressed grateful thanks.

News about ChAT can be found on their website –