Baptist Women’s Fellowship

In 1918 the Baptist Women’s League was started in Clarence Park Baptist Church. Over the years this afternoon meeting for the ladies and friends of the Church was well attended. Many folk drew great inspiration and help from those afternoons spent together.

In recent years however, numbers have dropped off and despite the fact that the programmes were always varied and yet still had a Christian content, ladies didn’t seem to want to come out in an afternoon. The leaders and members over the last few years have tried very hard to encourage folk to come but their efforts have been in vain. We know of course that ladies are working longer and there is so much more now to occupy their time.

At our Annual General Meeting it was unanimously agreed that we close the Baptist Women’s Fellowship after our final meeting in June. Everyone who attended the AGM was sad that we had to take this step but understood the situation. However, after discussion it was agreed that we continue to meet informally [not as BWF but as a group of friends at various member’s homes once a month, normally on the first Wednesday of the month. It may be that we can invite some who would not attend a formal church based meeting, to have fellowship with us.

It is not always easy to take the step to close a meeting and it is disappointing that we did not quite reach our 100th year but times change and maybe meeting together in a different way is what the Lord wants us to do.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the life of BWF over recent years. We have had some enjoyable times together. Your contribution has been very valuable to many ladies and has encouraged them in many ways.

Please pray for this new venture which some of the older ladies in the Church are beginning.

Maureen Price