A fantastic weekend of mission and fellowship with Roger Jones, his team and his latest musical Barnabas.

barn-mainIt all started Saturday morning when over sixty people aged from eight to eighty arrived to sing in the choir. Annie Routley soon had them sorted out and training began. Learning the musical was a huge amount of fun but with twelve pieces in four part harmony it was no mean task.  By lunchtime we were over half way through, finishing the last few songs afterwards and we still had time for a full run through before heading home.

Sunday afternoon arrived and so did the choir for a full dress rehearsal with the composer Roger Jones and his team of soloists. The choir were arranged on stage in their final positions with the sopranos up in the choir loft and altos, tenors and bass on the platform. The sound the choir made in full voice was amazing and the rehearsal went off without a hitch. Finally by five we were just about ready for the evening performance.

At six o’clock, following some refreshments Roger led the whole choir in a time of open prayer, reminding us that this wasn’t about us it was all about God. We were doing this to celebrate our faith, teach a message about Jesus and above all invite new believers to reach out to our saviour for salvation.

Six thirty arrived, we were all in our places and the church was packed and Roger opened the evening by introducing us as the ‘West Country Barnabas Choir’.

BarnabasChoirThe performance of Barnabas was amazing, the soloists in good voice and the reaction of the audience was wonderful. Speaking personally I enjoyed every minute! Steve Christian (that’s our minister) did his good humoured best from the sound desk at the back to distract the performers by rowing up and down, and pretending to drown during the fun number “Three Men in a Boat”. The choir, however, were exemplary professionals and took it all in their stride. The final number practically raised the roof and brought the performance to a close.

Roger led the whole church in prayer and invited non-believers to reach out either by giving their lives then and there or seeking prayer with a member of the team. The evening was then brought to an end with a reprise of the opening song.


A fantastic evening and for the choir an amazing achievement – above all a message of determination and hope to all who came.

Can’t wait for next time!