Boys Brigade shoe boxes

shoebox-appealWOW! What an effort – over 70 shoeboxes were collected by Blythswood Care for the Christmas Appeal. Grateful thanks to Rosie Pike for organising this again and to the friends and members of CPBC and Brigades who contributed so generously to this. No doubt mention is made elsewhere but I can only thank Rosie for the encouragement and organisation of this great cause which she gave the BB lads.

Make a date in your diary for next week, Wednesday 9 December for the Brigades Carol evening, with CHURCH MADE MINCE PIES by our GB afterwards. The girls have made a fantastic 150 pies despite the very temperamental oven which either gently warms or incinerates!!! (Well, they’re down to 148 after quality testing on a regular basis… just to ensure optimum storage etc.). Wasn’t it great to see lads from 2nd Weston (Milton Baptist Church) and four of our own officers in uniform to show support for Oliver on his Baptism. A wonderful witness – thank you Oliver and we send our brotherhood love to a fellow BB member.

Finally, a great end to another year in the 1st W-s-M history with a certificate congratulating us on growth of members over the last year (statistics and returns are made in October). The BB is still strong and active after 78 years of continuous work at CPBC and today we still see new lads and families coming into the building.

Thank you all at CPBC for the continued support and encouragement.