Church Meeting 16th July 2015

Due to insufficient members being present, an official Church Meeting was not held, but it was decided to discuss the matters on the agenda, although no FINAL decisions could be made.

Steve opening the meeting in prayer following which he said “We are Christ`s Ambassadors”  We need to `Keep the focus` as we do God`s Kingdom work!.  A time of open prayer followed and the saying of The Lord`s Prayer.

Finance:  The Treasurer explained in detail the `Agape Fund` – a new name for the Communion Fund.  Due to Communion being celebrated twice each month more money was coming into the fund.  After discussion the Deacons had agreed that one month`s offering will be used as previously, i.e. given at the Minister`s discretion to someone in need, and the next month given to a specific cause, i.e. ChaT, Food Bank, etc.  The January offering for instance will be for the BMS Relief Fund.  This month the offering will be delegated to ChaT.

General Fund:  Offerings have improved as the year has progressed and it was hoped that this trend would continue for the rest of the year. 

Church Outing.  This would not now be taking place.

Secretarial Vacancy:  Following suggestions made at the May meeting a meeting was held to discuss how the responsibility might be shared and with the possibility that these could remain in place when a Secretary had been appointed. Maureen Price had agreed to take the Deacons` Minutes and Maureen Tubb the Church Meeting Minutes.  The two Maureens would also be looking at the Church Directory with a view to updating it and making a quorum at Church Meetings more likely. Members were asked to continue to pray that this vacancy might be filled shortly and also to pray for the Boys` Brigade who were still without a Captain.

BB Vacancy:  Jonathan Brownett had taken over the responsibility and has done a sterling job over this past year, but changes would be taking place in his full time employment which would prevent him from continuing this responsibility.  Also Julie Hembrow who had been working with the BB for over 20 years felt it was also time for her to step down.  This raises the question as to what this means for us as a Church!  If for instance, Steve became involved, this would mean there would be other things he couldn`t do.  Prayer and wisdom for the future was requested.

The meeting divided into groups for prayer for these situations.

Steve brought the following points to the attention of the meeting:

[a] The possibility of doing a `Shape Course` on Sunday mornings possibly in the Autumn – looking at how God “shapes” us through our lives

[b] Carolyn Withers will be sharing what she has been doing in Senegal on Sunday morning.

[c] The BWF had decided to stop their fortnightly meeting in the Church and instead would be holding an informal gathering once a month at various homes.  Steve thanked Maureen Price [the current leader] and the many who had led the meeting in the past years.

20/20 Banners:  Kevin gave details and showed pictures of the Banners – Worship – Fellowship – Community  – Mission  – which would be available for anyone to use.

Web Site:   Tim Cooke gave information as to the website, saying information could be added to it, coming events etc. and it was the place to go for information.  He offered help to anyone who needed it.

Fabric:  Kevin reported that work on the heating was now taking place in the Sanctuary and thanked Frances and Mike for their help in this connection.

The Fences and Conservatories at the Manse were in need of attention.  Various Companies were being consulted.

Steve said that a donation had been offered to provide a child safe path at the rear of the church, with the proviso that a plaque be put on the wall in memory of the donor`s wife.  Steve said he did not feel it was good practice as a general rule to put up plaques as they can cause problems. After some discussion it was decided that the donation and proviso be accepted.  As this was not church money, it was felt that this decision might be made despite not having a quorum.  The cost would be in region of £1700.  It would be necessary for an adult to be present when the area was in use by children, particularly as a wall there might be dangerous for a child.

Planning for the Coffee Station is in hand and progress is being made bearing in mind there was a sum of £3,000 available for this project.   Work tops etc. would cost in the region of £1100, but  plumbing, electrical work would cost quite a lot.  Extras such as a dish washer could be added as and when money was available.

Mark Redman and Dougie Grier would be dealing with appliance testing.

Steve asked for prayer for a family in need of prayer following an accident and Alison that the fellowship remember Kaye in their prayers as she was dealing with very sensitive situations with regards to Leaders of Baptist Churches and the safeguarding of children over the past years.

Prayer followed and the meeting closed with The Grace at 8.40 pm.