Group Reports: Community Youth Choir

What a great first year the Choir have enjoyed, we have held three concerts the last one being joined with the Clangers. They have all been very well supported by the parents and families of the Choir and our own fellowship for which we are extremely blessed.

In September we faced a huge problem with Rebecca going to Uni, however our prayers were answered when Sophie agreed to join us as our youth leader and she has proved to be a super member of our team.

A similar situation occurred recently when David left the Church and yet again our prayers were answered with Fiona recently joining our leaders team and settling in very well indeed.
We are having a cream tea and concert on 9th July so please keep that date free to join us in a great afternoon.

In addition Sophie is working very hard preparing for a big production of Robin Hood to be performed in Jan, 20017. We will be looking for lots of help with this and we especially want to get young lads on board.

I cannot close this report without thanking our super team of Maureen, Jayne, Tori and Noah, Val, Fiona Sophie and our wonderful group of girls and their lovely parents who bring them on a Tuesday evening no matter how bad the weather may be we cannot thank them enough. In conclusion we would welcome new members aged 8 to 18 to join our special group of young people.

Gordon Cloud