Company and Seniors

Company and Seniors – ages 11 to 18

                Wednesday’s 18:15 to 20:15hrs

Who runs the section?    Jonathan Brownett and Carol Jones.

How do I join?   Just turn up on a Wednesday from 18:00 onwards to sign in and a parent/guardian will need to complete a consent form and provide some details.

What does it cost?   Subs of £7 a (school) half-term are payable on the first week after the break. A uniform needs to be bought once you’ve settled in.  Occasionally an additional cost is incurred, e.g. a special trip or activity.


The Company age group has its own programme called ‘Discover’ based on three areas; community, recreation and skills. Young people get the chance to develop existing skills and learn new ones, through a fun, balanced and challenging programme of activities. Young people are encouraged to have a say and help shape their own programme. They can get involved in anything from helping others in their local community to playing sports, trying out adventure activities or being creative through dance or art – there’s something for everyone! There are also opportunities to go away on camps and residentials, which are often the highlights in the annual programme.


Young people in the Seniors age group (15+) are encouraged to lead their own programme, supported by volunteer leaders (co-ordinated by Tim). It’s all about the young people deciding what they would like to do and organising it for themselves. The Challenge Plus programme for this age group is based on projects and challenges, encouraging young people to complete one-off challenges and more in-depth projects both of which can be tackled individually or as part of a team.

More info: Please just contact us using our contact form

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