Community Youth Choir Concert

CYC With Music Notes and words Community Youth Choir

On Sunday afternoon a large audience of family, friends and well wishers gathered at Clarence Park Baptist Church for the second concert of the Community Youth Choir which meets there every Tuesday in term time to rehearse.

The thirteen girls who make up the choir, the majority of whom are still at Junior School, delighted everybody with a varied and tuneful programme, mostly consisting of songs from musicals.


To start at the very beginning, they opened with Katy’s solo of “Doe a deer” with the rest of the choir joining her for the second rendition until the notes of the last encore of “Edelweiss” died away, the sound of music filled the church.

There was plenty of variety. Songs from musical theatre: “Joseph”, “Oliver”, “Annie” and “Beautiful” were interspersed with 21st century numbers such as “Climb”, “Roar” and “Let it Go”. They also sang Karen Lafferty’s “Seek ye first”. All were performed with a confidence and musicality that belied the performers’ years.

A number of solo items were interspersed. Tilly performed in Maori and although I suspect not many understood a word, we all could appreciate the feeling. Ella performed “You raise me up” accompanied by her father on guitar. Chloe and  Amelia  sang an upbeat duet.      The last solo by Roxy of “A Thousand Years” certainly sent shivers down my spine with its haunting musicality.

Although the choir is only a year old for those of us who have been involved it already feels like the end of an era. Rebecca, who came up with the original idea, is off to the banks of the Humber to be an exceedingly tuneful marine biologist and Tori will give birth to a member of some future youth choir. We wish both of them all the best and are grateful for their commitment. The children also needed accompanying, training and providing with refreshment and we are grateful to those adults who filled those roles.

We would also like to thank all those parents and carers who have ferried and supported the girls over the last year and most of all we would like to thank the members who make up the choir.

By David Sampson – 13th July 2015