Group Reports: Baptist Women’s Fellowship

This year saw the closure of the Baptist Women’s Fellowship which has been running in Clarence Park Baptist Church since 1918. We had been losing members through death and infirmity for some time and although we were delighted to have some new members we felt that it was not possible to invite outside speakers for such a small group. We continued to meet until June 2015 but then we felt the time had come to close.

After discussion among the members the decision was made that we would meet once a month more informally in different people’s homes. This we have been doing. During September and October we collected a large amount of goods for the Shoe Box Appeal by WEBA to go to Albania. There was so much collected that we were able to fill 10 boxes and also send a large bag of things which were left over. This we felt was a good contribution and we have been encouraged by the number of our group who still wanted to meet together.

We were all very sad about the death of Dreena Wood who had been joint leader with me. We miss her very much – in her quiet way she made such a difference to BWF as she was so concerned about people and would chat to all who came. Her Christian example was an inspiration to us all and there is a gap in our group which is very noticeable. We just thank God for Dreena and all she did.

We will continue to meet during 2016 and trust that the Lord will lead us into new ways for Him.

Maureen Price