Group Reports: Build Social Group

Build runs twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Fridays from 2-4pm. Build Club is run for Adults with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities. The Clients run from 26–72 years of age but they mix so well that no-one would tell that we have such a wide range of ages.

We have an activities rota which develops recognition skills. Some have already said things like ” we are cooking next OJ” which is not only encouraging but also shows how they have settled in and now own the place!!

Our Activities include:- Bowling, Cooking, Craft, Board games, Colouring, Skittles and of course, Tea and Coffee!!.

We currently have an average of 16 Clients who come regularly. Because of that the Key- Workers, Staff and Clients have a wonderful relationship and have become important to each other.

Build is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to the Community. If you know of anyone who would benefit from a group like this then please talk to anyone from the team. If you would like to have fun and also do some very rewarding work please contact me.

To wrap up this report, Mrs Ann Palmer has been the Treasurer for the Build Club for many years. She has decided to step down so that she can concentrate on the other pies she has her fingers in!!. We as a group and as part of Clarence Park Baptist Church would like to thank her for all her work, support, advice and love that she has given to the Baptist union for Individuals with Learning Difficulties.

We would also like to thank Alan and Bernice Loveridge for taking up the Mantle!!
Orinthia Heritage – On behalf of the build team. Mary and David Edwards, Bernice Loveridge, Millie Withers, Emma Hawkins, & Barbara Rodgers