Group Reports: Community Coffee Morning

The Thursday community coffee morning surprises us weekly. We now usually have around 35 people and rising which includes many regulars. We are often given gifts of biscuits which are gratefully received.

We are seeing God working in this project in the conversations held. Often we are asked questions about the bible and if we don’t have answers consult our mentor Ray Green. We have also given out 3 Gideon New Testaments. A couple of people are coming to church and several to Ladies Friendship Group as a result.
We can always use extra help, our policy is a weekly rota for lead helpers and we trust God to provide other members of the team to turn up. We value Steve’s input when he is able to pop in.

At the end of 2015 the core group gathered for a meal at a restaurant when folk brought their spouses and we were able to share fellowship getting to know one another better.
Thank you for all your prayers. Please continue especially that the coffee station will be built as soon as possible as it will make our job so much easier.

Zillah & Gordon