Group Reports: Midweek Communion

Every Wednesday at 10am a service of communion is held at CPBC. This is a very simple liturgical service during which we worship together, read and reflect on God’s word, break bread together and then have an opportunity for open prayer.

Our numbers in attendance vary from week to week but range from 6 to 15 depending on the weather and other activities that are taking place.

This year we have begun to encourage members who attend to lead the reflection and this has been well received, so may I pass on a huge thanks to all who have got involved.

May I also take the opportunity to remind everyone that in the foyer of the church is prayer board. If you have prayer requests or needs that you would like the church to bring before God then please write these on the slips of paper by the board and place them on the board using the elastics. These will then be collected and used as a part of our intercessions on a Wednesday morning.

Finally – our appreciation needs to be expressed to those who when I am away lead the Wednesday service and bringing to the group a reflection on God’s word.

if you have not yet had the chance to come on A Wednesday to join us, then please do you are welcome anytime… and of course are welcome to stay with us for a cup of tea or coffee after the service.

Steve Christian