Church Leadership

Steve Christian – MinisterPhotograph of Steve Christian

Steve has been our pastor since September 2003.

Steve is married to Maxine and they have two children Katie and Daniel. Before Coming to Clarence Park Steve served as an assistant minister for seven years at a Baptist Church in Leicestershire. He has also worked with Oasis Trust frontline teams, Youth for Christ and in two different banks. Steve trained for Baptist Ministry at Spurgeon’s College, London; having previously studied for his (BA Hons) degree in theology at Trinity College, Bristol.

Steve is also one of the Designated People for Safeguarding at Clarence Park Baptist Church.



Elisabeth Speakman – Church Secretary




Peter Price – TreasurerPhotograph of Peter Price

Peter is our church treasurer and heads up our finance team. This team are responsible for preparing and monitoring the budgets, claiming Gift aid, paying salaries and expenses, along with invoicing for hall hiring & lettings and preparing the annual church accounts.


Kaye Cooke – DeaconPhotograph of Kaye Cooke

Kaye has been a member of the Church since 1999 and a member of the leadership team since 2010. She has predominately been involved with music and leading worship throughout that time.

Kaye is the Deacon with responsibility for Safeguarding and one of the Designated People for Safeguarding at Clarence Park Baptist Church.




Frances Wedlake – DeaconPhotograph of Frances Wedlake





Jayne Goodwin – Deacon






Jane Ridge – Deacon





Ruth Fuller – Deacon






Mark Green – DeaconPhotograph of Mark Green






Jonathan Brownett – Deacon






David Sewell – Deacon






Alison Chinn – DeaconPhotograph of Alison Chinn

Alison has been a member of the Church since childhood and has been in Leadership for many years. She has predominately been involved with Children and Young People’s groups.

Alison is one of the Designated People for Safeguarding for Clarence Park Baptist Church.