Group Reports: Ladies Friendship Group

Again I must say how much we appreciate the help we receive from Church Members, Steve, as well as our own members who give up their time to prepare a message for us on a Monday evening. We are looking forward in February to a visit from the Senior Members of the Girls` Brigade who are coming to meet and ask questions of the more senior members of our fellowship. We hope it will be a time of bonding and a `getting to know` each other. It will be interesting too to hear how the childhoods of the early 1900`s compares with those of present day young people.

Once again we have had the pleasure of welcoming new members and it has been good on some evenings to have to fetch in extra chairs to accommodate everyone.

Ann Palmer is now our Treasurer following Barbara Rodgers` retirement from the post and we are grateful to them both for their work in this respect. Zillah continues as our Secretary, but we appreciated Alex McIntosh`s offer to take the minutes for us at our AGM in Zillah`s absence with illness. Once again Olive Loveridge has continued her letter writing and `keeping in touch` ministry and Enid, Mary and Pat continue to use their musical talents. We are grateful to those who serve the tea and coffee and wash up afterwards – what would we do without them. A number of our members would not be able to attend our meeting without a lift, and we continue to be very appreciative of those who use their cars for this purpose. So I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who in some way or another contributes to make our Monday evening so enjoyable.

I am expecting this to be my last Annual Report to the Church as I feel it is time for someone else to take the reins, and I am delighted that Hilary Brownett has agreed to step into my shoes. I am sure she will make an excellent Leader and will be able to bring fresh ideas along. I have not only enjoyed, but have been richly blessed as Leader of the Ladies Friendship Group and I trust the Lord will richly bless Hilary as she takes over this responsibility in June 2016.

We can always find room for new members, so any lady free on a Monday evening would be most welcome, we would love to see you.

Maureen Tubb, Leader