Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a series of short courses helping people to find faith and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

stepping stones

Jesus tells us to make disciples, this is an on-going process of going,baptising and teaching (Matt 28:20). It involves moving people from the edges of the church community into being fully functioning members at the centre of a worshipping community. To enable this to happen we have a process that reflects the natural process and our purposes, but which is also sensitive to individual needs and where people are on their personal journey of faith.

All people who are new to Clarence Park Baptist Church are encouraged and invited to embark on Stepping Stones (Steps in Discipleship) to enable them to grow in their faith, to become full members of our church, and to help them build relationships.

Each step builds into one of the purposes of the church and is completed by attending a short course. At the end of each step there is an opportunity to make an appropriate commitment. Stepping Stones is just a beginning! We all need help and encouragement throughout our lives to develop further the things that we learn.

Step 1 – First Steps – discovering faith @ CPBC

People come into contact with our church in various ways and start off with very different experiences of church and faith. First Steps is a course designed to enable people who are not Christians to explore what Christianity and the faith is all about.

This course enables us to fulfil our purpose of Evangelism.

Step 2 – Stepping on – Nurturing faith @ CPBC

Having made a commitment to faith we want to encourage people to have the skills to grow in their faith as a Christian. Stepping On is designed to help people in their personal and spiritual growth by offering the next step.

This concentrates on helping those starting out on their journey towards spiritual maturity through ensuring that people understand the basics of their faith, and the basics of Christian teaching. The course also seeks to give the tools to help people develop the key spiritual habits of prayer and bible reading, along with helping people to develop Christ-like character.

This course enables us to fulfil our purpose of Discipleship.

Step 3 – Stepping Up – Belonging to CPBC

Since may people come to church with a varied background of Church and christian experience Stepping Up is offered to everyone who is new to CPBC as part of a membership course.

This short course includes being sure you are a Christian and a basic introduction to what it means to be part of our church, what CPBC stands for and where we are going.

It provides an appropriate opportunity for you to express your commitment God – putting him first in your time, your money and your relationships. It will also help and encourage you to become part of a Small Group where you can grow as a disciple and develop friendships in a meaningful community.

This course enables us to fulfil our purpose of Fellowship and Belonging.

Step 4 – Stepping Forward- Serving in CPBC

Part of our growing in discipleship includes being involved in ministry of some kind. We help you discover your place of ministry within the life of the church by offering Stepping Forward. This is made up of a process of:

  • discovery sessions
  • personal consultation
  • becoming involved in ministry

This process helps you to identify your passion, your spiritual gifts and your personal style, which ensures you serve in a way and in a place that God designed you for, either at CPBC or through our church on the wider community.

This course enables us to fulfil our purpose of Ministry.

Step 5 – Stepping Out – Witnessing from CPBC

Most people need help in sharing their faith in appropriate ways. Having made a commitment to serve and to being involved in ministry people are encouraged to take the next step of Stepping Out. You will be helped in this course to communicate your faith in a style that fits you.

This enables you to share your faith naturally and confidently, and provides an opportunity for you to express a commitment to sharing your faith and to active involvement in witness, evangelism and service in the world. Through this you will begin to invite others to take First Steps!

This course enables us to fulfil our purpose of Mission.

Step 6 – Stepping Deeper- Growing @ CPBC

The steps to discipleship are just the beginning. We all need help and encouragement in our journey of faith. Stepping Deeper is the title we give to our ongoing journey of growing in our faith.

Stepping Deeper encourages people to be involved in home groups, prayer triplets, support groups and to share fellowship with others within our church, and from time to time music and ministry evenings.

Stepping Deeper also consists of occasional short courses aimed to enable people to ‘Do Theology’ together and so deepen their understanding of their faith.

These courses enables us to fulfil our purpose of continued Discipleship, fellowship, and Ministry.
Information on when the courses are running can be found on this website in the events section or via the Church office. To contact the church office please click here.