2020 Vision


  • Where are we going as a people of God?
  • Where does God want us to be by 2020?
  • What do we need to do to get there?


  • In answer to this the church and deacons identified five key themes:
    This is about what we have, our buildings, people skills and gifts. Its about recognising that we are awesome in the eyes of God and can make a difference by 2020.
  • Ministry and Mission
    Reaching out to the community around us and further afield and finding opportunities to spread the wonderful news of Jesus.
  • Worship
    Spending time both together and as a fellowship in communion with God, giving thanks for his sacrifice and singing praise for our salvation.
  • Fellowship
    Making the effort to spend time together as a whole fellowship and in small groups recognising that we need each other if we are to make a difference.
  • Discipleship
    Each of us individually declaring that we are all part of the great commission and expected by God to use our time and gifts to furthering his kingdom on earth.

Leading the VISION was likened to being on a train journey, which stations will we call at, what do we do on the train and where is the final station? Our VISION also wants both younger and older people to be involved and others to be attracted to CPBC!

What are we doing?

  • Engaging in T4 type events where we connect with the community and perform a service.
  • Finding out what our local community needs and seeing how we can reach out to the local neighbourhood
  • Regularly getting together outside of the church as a fellowship for such things as a picnic in the park or seaside fun and beach games
  • Continuing to support things such as Messy Church, Clangers, Brigades and the Coffee Church Thursday morning which connect us with the wider community
  • Equipping the building for purpose, for welcome and for a range of activities.
  • Providing materials for promoting our vision such as banners, leaflets, website and social media

New Initiatives

  • CPBC Community Youth Choir.
    Created as a way to involve young people both within and outside the church it has been a tremendous success and is now entering its second year.

Special Events

  • Two Caprione Community Choir concerts featuring a renowned local concert pianist
  • A CPBC Community Youth Choir concert