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Group Reports: Build Social Group

Build runs twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Fridays from 2-4pm. Build Club is run for Adults with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities. The Clients run from 26–72 years of age but they mix so well that no-one would tell that we have such a wide range of ages.

We have an activities rota which develops recognition skills. Some have already said things like ” we are cooking next OJ” which is not only encouraging but also shows how they have settled in and now own the place!!

Our Activities include:- Bowling, Cooking, Craft, Board games, Colouring, Skittles and of course, Tea and Coffee!!.

We currently have an average of 16 Clients who come regularly. Because of that the Key- Workers, Staff and Clients have a wonderful relationship and have become important to each other.

Build is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to the Community. If you know of anyone who would benefit from a group like this then please talk to anyone from the team. If you would like to have fun and also do some very rewarding work please contact me.

To wrap up this report, Mrs Ann Palmer has been the Treasurer for the Build Club for many years. She has decided to step down so that she can concentrate on the other pies she has her fingers in!!. We as a group and as part of Clarence Park Baptist Church would like to thank her for all her work, support, advice and love that she has given to the Baptist union for Individuals with Learning Difficulties.

We would also like to thank Alan and Bernice Loveridge for taking up the Mantle!!
Orinthia Heritage – On behalf of the build team. Mary and David Edwards, Bernice Loveridge, Millie Withers, Emma Hawkins, & Barbara Rodgers

Group Reports: Messy Church

We first began Messy church in December 2009, and have met on the fourth Sunday of the money since then (with the exception of the school Summer holidays). During that time we have adjusted our pattern of working with what has developed into a

small but committed team. Our numbers recently have varied greatly and have been affected by St. Paul’s church who now hold a weekly Messy church at 3pm every Sunday.Last year we took the theme of journeys in the bible and this year we are working through the life of David.
We would value your prayers, and our invitation is there for anyone of any age to come and join us for a Messy church session and see what we do.

Please also pray for the team. without whom none of this could happen, and so our thanks go to…. Su Weeks, Maxine Christian, Paul Fuller, Ruth Fuller, Emma Hawkins, Mandi Hawkins, Katie Christian, Ollie Fuller, Lynn York, and to Kevin Speakman and Hugh Weeks for moving chairs and tables when we are setting up each month.

Steve Christian

Group Reports: Midweek Communion

Every Wednesday at 10am a service of communion is held at CPBC. This is a very simple liturgical service during which we worship together, read and reflect on God’s word, break bread together and then have an opportunity for open prayer.

Our numbers in attendance vary from week to week but range from 6 to 15 depending on the weather and other activities that are taking place.

This year we have begun to encourage members who attend to lead the reflection and this has been well received, so may I pass on a huge thanks to all who have got involved.

May I also take the opportunity to remind everyone that in the foyer of the church is prayer board. If you have prayer requests or needs that you would like the church to bring before God then please write these on the slips of paper by the board and place them on the board using the elastics. These will then be collected and used as a part of our intercessions on a Wednesday morning.

Finally – our appreciation needs to be expressed to those who when I am away lead the Wednesday service and bringing to the group a reflection on God’s word.

if you have not yet had the chance to come on A Wednesday to join us, then please do you are welcome anytime… and of course are welcome to stay with us for a cup of tea or coffee after the service.

Steve Christian

Group Reports: Boys’ Brigade

What a great start to 2015. The usual programme of Anchors/Juniors Christmas Party (late) and entering the final session of our badgework for awards. A great Open Evening and Presentation of Awards followed in May showing credit to the members and their families for commitment and work through the year.

At the April Parade we saw Connor Edwards and Tim Lawrence presented with their Queens Badge – the highest award in The Brigade and a culmination of attaining the highest level in every badge, achieving the Presidents Badge and a further two years of leadership, development, visitations, observations and a residential completion course. FANTASTIC!
The end of our summer session faced us with some difficult discussions as Julie (after 25 years as a parent helper then warrant officer) decided to step back from company work – although continuing with Battalion and District involvement. Also Jonathan’s career was taking a new and uncertain direction after he had headed the company after Rosie Pike’s retirement as Captain.

In August Connor, Nathanael and Tim took the second part of their officer cadet training at BB Head Quarters, Feldon Lodge in Hemel Hempstead. It was then in our October ‘enrolment’ that we saw them being commissioned as Warrant Officers, along with all our other members, making us one of the largest companies in the Somerset Battalion.

It was then in September that Nick took the reigns as Captain again, after a break of 22 years, also continues as Battalion Vice-president but, gratefully loses the role of company treasurer to Carol Jones.

We have had a great start to the new session; during September we have seen new boys join our ranks, also staff working together with a new way of using the premises to ease congestion at the beginning of the evening giving appropriate space for the evenings various activities.

So it is with renewed vigour that a wonderful team of leaders, who give up their time each week to run the companies sections, continue to provide this valued part of CPBC outreach.

October saw our Battalion Officers and Chaplains Conference. It was great to see our own Chaplain (and minister) Steve running the conference presentation, until he dropped a bomb and ‘ducked’. A lively discussion pursued over the DNA of BB staff and now that Steve has found out his appointment as Battalion Chaplain could be for five years while Rosie is President, he could be returning next year to try and re-make some friendships. Seriously, many thanks to Steve for not only guiding and enabling our Christian direction on Wednesdays, but also for being really ‘hands on’ in leadership during our crisis times.

We had fantastic news that Jules Samuels, from our company section was to be confirmed at Corpus Christi. He already plays a big role in the life of the church next door (Alter Boy and more) and it was a privilege to be able to take four of our senior boys to the service which was on Wednesday 14th October.

We really appreciate all the family does for the BB, with three lads attending every week and dad (Richard) helping as a regular leader until recently.

The seniors (age 15 years and over) organised and ran a Quiz Evening to raise some funds for activities. A great evening was had by all and the GB held a cake stall to continue their fund raising for Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW).

WOW! What an effort – over 70 shoeboxes were collected for Blythswood Care towards their Christmas Appeal. Grateful thanks to Rosie Pike for organising this again and to the friends and members of CPBC and Brigades who contributed so generously to this.

Wednesday 9 December saw the Brigades Carol evening, with ‘home made’ mince pies by our GB afterwards. The girls made a fantastic 150 pies, despite the very temperamental oven which either gently warms or incinerates!!! The ‘retiring offering’ was also in aid of CHSW.

Finally, a great end to another year in the 1st W-s-M history with a certificate congratulating us on growth of members over the last year (statistics and returns are made in October). The BB is still strong and active after 78 years of continuous work at CPBC and today we still see new lads and families coming into the building. THANK YOU all at CPBC for the continued support and encouragement.

Nick Lawrence, Captain

Group Reports: Girls’ Brigade

During the past 12 months the 1st Weston-super-Mare Girls’ Brigade Company has been involved in a number of activities and detailed below is a summary of these events.

In March 2015 we sent 3 girls to Hill House for Young Leaders Training:- Emma Hawkins (Leader Training), Rosie Weeks (Advanced), Katie Christian (Preparation). Before the girls left for Young Leaders they had to undertake a number of compulsory activities:

  • preparing a worship session
  • organise a craft activity
  • leading the games

Young Leaders’ helps girls develop skills and talents, which will be of benefit to them when helping out within the Company. Since returning Emma has continued to undertake the necessary modules in order to become an officer which include planning, faith journey, GB Knowledge etc and has also visited a GB Company in Bristol to experience how they do things in other companies. We are hoping that her registration to become a new GB leader will be through shortly.

Our Summer Programme included swimming at Hutton Moor, a visit to the beach, a people hunt and the session finished with a BBQ.

On Saturday 15th August seventeen of us had a sleepover at the Church which included a day trip to Crealy Adventure Park. We had a great day going on the roller coasters, looking at the animals and other attractions and returned to the Church for dinner which was cooked by Mandi. After dinner the girls had the opportunity (if they wanted) to perform in the Talent Show and watch a number of selected DVD’s before bed time!. The girls were very excited and it took a long time for everyone to get to sleep! After breakfast we then joined the congregation for worship. When it was time to go home the girls (and the leaders) were quite tired but everyone had a good time.

In September our new session started off with a Progressive Supper but this year because of transport we stayed at the Church and moved from room to room for the various courses.
There was a good attendance at the enrolment service held in October. This is a very important service of Dedication and Enrolment of New Members for our GB/BB Companies and the Church. This is a time at which the Company and Church unite in reminding each other of their objectives and of their obligations to one another.

On Saturday November 7th our n:counta and n:spire sections (Seniors and Brigaders) held a Coffee Morning and Cake Sale to raise money for Children’s Hospice South West which provides hospice care for life-limited children and their families from across the South West of England. To date the girls have managed to raise £400.56 and on behalf of the Company I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came along to support the girls at the Coffee Morning and Cake Sale. Your contribution means a lot to the girls and the money helps out a great charity.
We have since had a visit from Kylie Gallagher a representative from Little Bridge House who talked to the Company about where they are, what the Charity does etc but Sarah, Hayley, Katie. Phoebe and Jessica got the chance to visit Little Bridge House in North Devon, Charlton Farm in North Somerset where they handed over the cheque. They were able to look around the house which had plenty of facilities including a main living area that forms the heart and soul of the house, cosy lounges, a messy play room for carefree creativity, a multi sensory room with lights, sounds and textures to soothe and calm, a soft play area for safe, trouble-free fun and a Jacuzzi!. The hospice provides a home from home for everyone who stays with them, and that includes parents, and brothers and sisters too. They have eight child-friendly bedrooms which are decorated with favourite books, toys and DVDs for each child who stays with them and there is accommodation for the rest of the family too! This year the charity is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary and the girls came back with 25 teddies and have been set the task of coming up with ideas to find the perfect fundraising event to raise yet more well needed money so watch this space.

In December we once again held our joint Carol Evening with the BB and it was lovely to see parents, friends and Church members come and support the girls and boys ~ I think you will agree they all did a wonderful job!

Also in December a few of our girls joined with the rest of the Church family for fun at MESSY PARADE and enjoyed the crafts, story, prayer etc.

As Leaders and Helpers of the Company we endeavour to help the girls discover Jesus in both a fun and age appropriate way. Weekly activities are planned as to the age of the girls in each section with the evening offering devotions, badge work, games and of course drinks and biscuits!

Our numbers have remained steady and it is great to work with the girls watching them grow in confidence and faith whilst learning new skills and facing new challenges. Each Section has been involved in a number of activities throughout the year and this would not be possible without the fantastic team I have behind me Mandi, Sarah, Hayley, Sophie and OJ ~ THANK YOU!!.

Jane King, Captain

Group Reports: Tots and Toddlers

Numbers have remained steady week to week, averaging 20+ children aged 0-4,with a mixture of childminders, Mums, Dads and Nans.

The format of the morning remains the same – the first part of the morning with a variety of small toys, dolls and prams, and riding cars or bikes, table top activities which we vary each week – jigsaws, threading, or building games. As there are not so many of us regularly helping we have not varied the ‘craft’ table each week but just once a month. Toast, drinks and biscuits are always served mid-morning. We end with song and action time in which we include some Bible based choruses and notices including an invitation to Messy Church each month. A small gift and card is given to each child when it is their birthday in the coming week and we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ before our closing song.

Our summer session ended with all the children having gifts to take home and those leaving us to go to pre-school writing books and pencils.

We had our usual Christmas party morning with craft and games, then Steve leading us into the church for a short service time, each child had a gift from ‘Santa’s sack’ to take home and we finished back in the hall with party food.

It was great to be able to announce that the back area has been resurfaced, we have shown several mums/carers and discussed plans for the area once the weather improves – ideas include planters on the wall (helping to cover the ‘jagged’ stones), a mural, sand and water tables,. We have already purchased some interlocking rubber matting and are in the process of ordering more small chairs.

After the demise of our cooker, Emma found a 2nd hand one advertised on facebook which we purchased, scrubbed down and once again enjoy ‘cooking’! We have also recently purchased 2 balance bikes which have proved very popular with the older ones.

There is always plenty for us to do whether it be chatting to mums/carers, playing with the children, watching out for possible accidents, making drinks etc. but it is an enjoyable time and we feel worth it from the comments we receive from our attendees.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Frances Woolard in September as she retired to Brittany, we presented her with a cheese board & knives – I hope to make use of this when visiting this summer! We have also lost Orinthia and Emma so there is a lot more for just Barbara and I to do, although the carers do all ‘muck in’ to help. I was really grateful for the offers of help in January when Barbara was away, many thanks to Hilary Brownett for coming along each week.

Please pray for this outreach that it will continue to grow and provide something needed in our community.

Mandi Hawkins

Group Reports: Sunday Club

This past year we have mainly run two groups with Maxine taking the 11+ age group through the Stepping Stones 1 course, with help from Alison & Hayley. This has been very fruitful with 2 young people looking further at their faith and baptism.

It has been great to witness the baptism and bringing into Church membership of Katie and Oliver.

Myself, Alison and Emma have led the younger children and have mostly tried to follow the same theme as Steve which helps link the worship together between adults and children – and hope this makes them feel part of the witness and work at CPBC that all have a role to play.
Our Christmas party was again shared with the Church fellowship and about 90 children and adults of all ages had an afternoon of fun, games, bring and share tea, laughter and of course a visit from Father Christmas with gifts for all the children. It was great to see so most groups within the church represented from aged 1 month to 93!

The Christmas Service was again a great morning with all taking part – put together using various ideas from the young people and online sources.

This year we have begun to change the format, Maxine and myself sharing the leading with the younger children and Alison & Hayley the young people, this includes them staying in on the first Sunday of the month, making notes and then discussing their thoughts the next week.
Pray for our children and young people and for us as a team as we share God’s teaching.

Mandi Hawkins

Group Reports: Community Youth Choir

What a great first year the Choir have enjoyed, we have held three concerts the last one being joined with the Clangers. They have all been very well supported by the parents and families of the Choir and our own fellowship for which we are extremely blessed.

In September we faced a huge problem with Rebecca going to Uni, however our prayers were answered when Sophie agreed to join us as our youth leader and she has proved to be a super member of our team.

A similar situation occurred recently when David left the Church and yet again our prayers were answered with Fiona recently joining our leaders team and settling in very well indeed.
We are having a cream tea and concert on 9th July so please keep that date free to join us in a great afternoon.

In addition Sophie is working very hard preparing for a big production of Robin Hood to be performed in Jan, 20017. We will be looking for lots of help with this and we especially want to get young lads on board.

I cannot close this report without thanking our super team of Maureen, Jayne, Tori and Noah, Val, Fiona Sophie and our wonderful group of girls and their lovely parents who bring them on a Tuesday evening no matter how bad the weather may be we cannot thank them enough. In conclusion we would welcome new members aged 8 to 18 to join our special group of young people.

Gordon Cloud

Group Reports: Men’s Fellowship Group

Another year of various events was had, and enjoyed by all, from bowls, skittles, mystery walks and meals.
A huge thanks to Alan Loveridge for chairing us through our early years.
Any new members interested please contact Hugh Weeks or Doug Grier via the Church contact form here.

Doug Grier

Group Reports: The Clangers

Another year over and The Clangers (CPBC Hand Chimes Group) have been continuing to learn and practice new and old songs/tunes as well as continuing to try and improve their ‘clanging’ techniques. 2015’s Clangers have consistently had 8 members: Dave Chinn; Dottie & Nathaniel Griffiths, Nicola Hocking, Ros Newman, Miranda Pincotte, Maureen Price and myself at practice nights on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at 7.30pm.

We visited all 3 homes at the beginning of the year and in December Miranda asked us to play at Worlebury School Christmas fayre. We were in the main hall where folk were taking a break with tea / coffee and we played several Christmas carols. This generated some interest in the chimes, the way they sounded and also somebody asked if we could play at their school?!
The concert on the 19th December with CPBC’s very own Youth Choir went very well and was very enjoyable. It was a challenge for both groups as neither had played together before and we were honoured to be asked to be a part of the afternoon. Then on Sunday 20th December again we took part in the Candlelight Service which is always a privilege.

This year has also seen the group obtain their very own ‘Clanger T-shirts’ which has really brought us together as a group and given us a sense of identity.

We will be visiting Gough House, The Links and Abbeygate in 2016 to continue our connection with them. We all appreciate the fellowship, especially with our number one fan Margaret Chant who continues to be supportive and very encouraging. We also are delighted when asked to return.

I don’t know if it’s only me, but are the year’s going quickly? We only have a maximum of 22 practices a year and some of those are playing at the homes, so it has been lovely to hear many folk congratulating us and telling us how much we have improved; this is a result of lots of practice and dedication. Well done and thank you Clangers! We did not achieve everything we said last year and it would still be good to meet with the Sunday Club and maybe get a band of young people playing chimes too. We also continue to try and get out into the community either on the seafront or down to Whitecross Road.

If you would like to ‘have a go’ we meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 7.30pm or if you would like to know more please feel free to speak to me or any one of the group.

Jane Ridge

Group Reports: Ladies Friendship Group

Again I must say how much we appreciate the help we receive from Church Members, Steve, as well as our own members who give up their time to prepare a message for us on a Monday evening. We are looking forward in February to a visit from the Senior Members of the Girls` Brigade who are coming to meet and ask questions of the more senior members of our fellowship. We hope it will be a time of bonding and a `getting to know` each other. It will be interesting too to hear how the childhoods of the early 1900`s compares with those of present day young people.

Once again we have had the pleasure of welcoming new members and it has been good on some evenings to have to fetch in extra chairs to accommodate everyone.

Ann Palmer is now our Treasurer following Barbara Rodgers` retirement from the post and we are grateful to them both for their work in this respect. Zillah continues as our Secretary, but we appreciated Alex McIntosh`s offer to take the minutes for us at our AGM in Zillah`s absence with illness. Once again Olive Loveridge has continued her letter writing and `keeping in touch` ministry and Enid, Mary and Pat continue to use their musical talents. We are grateful to those who serve the tea and coffee and wash up afterwards – what would we do without them. A number of our members would not be able to attend our meeting without a lift, and we continue to be very appreciative of those who use their cars for this purpose. So I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who in some way or another contributes to make our Monday evening so enjoyable.

I am expecting this to be my last Annual Report to the Church as I feel it is time for someone else to take the reins, and I am delighted that Hilary Brownett has agreed to step into my shoes. I am sure she will make an excellent Leader and will be able to bring fresh ideas along. I have not only enjoyed, but have been richly blessed as Leader of the Ladies Friendship Group and I trust the Lord will richly bless Hilary as she takes over this responsibility in June 2016.

We can always find room for new members, so any lady free on a Monday evening would be most welcome, we would love to see you.

Maureen Tubb, Leader

Group Reports: Baptist Women’s Fellowship

This year saw the closure of the Baptist Women’s Fellowship which has been running in Clarence Park Baptist Church since 1918. We had been losing members through death and infirmity for some time and although we were delighted to have some new members we felt that it was not possible to invite outside speakers for such a small group. We continued to meet until June 2015 but then we felt the time had come to close.

After discussion among the members the decision was made that we would meet once a month more informally in different people’s homes. This we have been doing. During September and October we collected a large amount of goods for the Shoe Box Appeal by WEBA to go to Albania. There was so much collected that we were able to fill 10 boxes and also send a large bag of things which were left over. This we felt was a good contribution and we have been encouraged by the number of our group who still wanted to meet together.

We were all very sad about the death of Dreena Wood who had been joint leader with me. We miss her very much – in her quiet way she made such a difference to BWF as she was so concerned about people and would chat to all who came. Her Christian example was an inspiration to us all and there is a gap in our group which is very noticeable. We just thank God for Dreena and all she did.

We will continue to meet during 2016 and trust that the Lord will lead us into new ways for Him.

Maureen Price

Group Reports: Community Coffee Morning

The Thursday community coffee morning surprises us weekly. We now usually have around 35 people and rising which includes many regulars. We are often given gifts of biscuits which are gratefully received.

We are seeing God working in this project in the conversations held. Often we are asked questions about the bible and if we don’t have answers consult our mentor Ray Green. We have also given out 3 Gideon New Testaments. A couple of people are coming to church and several to Ladies Friendship Group as a result.
We can always use extra help, our policy is a weekly rota for lead helpers and we trust God to provide other members of the team to turn up. We value Steve’s input when he is able to pop in.

At the end of 2015 the core group gathered for a meal at a restaurant when folk brought their spouses and we were able to share fellowship getting to know one another better.
Thank you for all your prayers. Please continue especially that the coffee station will be built as soon as possible as it will make our job so much easier.

Zillah & Gordon