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Group Reports: Messy Church

We first began Messy church in December 2009, and have met on the fourth Sunday of the money since then (with the exception of the school Summer holidays). During that time we have adjusted our pattern of working with what has developed into a

small but committed team. Our numbers recently have varied greatly and have been affected by St. Paul’s church who now hold a weekly Messy church at 3pm every Sunday.Last year we took the theme of journeys in the bible and this year we are working through the life of David.
We would value your prayers, and our invitation is there for anyone of any age to come and join us for a Messy church session and see what we do.

Please also pray for the team. without whom none of this could happen, and so our thanks go to…. Su Weeks, Maxine Christian, Paul Fuller, Ruth Fuller, Emma Hawkins, Mandi Hawkins, Katie Christian, Ollie Fuller, Lynn York, and to Kevin Speakman and Hugh Weeks for moving chairs and tables when we are setting up each month.

Steve Christian

Fellowship Christmas Party

Party lettering with words A Party for Jesus
Our Christmas party is one of those “looked forward to events” in our church calendar and this one was no exception.

With a couple of hundred people (half of them children) thronging the church the atmosphere was fabulous. The chairs were pushed to the sides allowing a large space for traditional games such as Chinese laundry, musical statues, musical chairs, pass the balloon and more. What is impressive is how many adults get involved in what are really children’s games; we even had Richard running round playing musical chairs. After a massive game of pass the parcel, featuring four parcels and everyone in the church grace was said and we all trooped through to the hall for tea.

HappyChristmas_ChildrenWithCakeWhat always amazes me about bring and share meals is how it always seems to work out. Other than Brigade B&S meals where the food is predominantly cake the balance of savoury to sweet healthy to distinctly unhealthy (if you’ve ever tried David’s banofee pie, sadly missing this time) is pretty good and everyone always has plenty.

Once the food was gone and everyone replete we all returned to the church where the atmosphere had changed. The lights were down except for the spot lit platform at the front in preparation for a very important visitor. Steve, our minister, gave a short talk about the real meaning of Christmas and led us in some carols. Then, just when the children were beginning to wonder there was a knock on the main church door. In came Father Christmas all decked out in red with a big sack on his shoulder. All the children were given a present from the youngest at just a few weeks to the oldest, well you wouldn’t know they were still eligible to look at some of them.

The afternoon ended there with a lot of happy children, parents, grandparents, BUILD members and others.
Here’s looking forward to next year!
Merry Christmas