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Women’s World Day of Prayer at Clarence Park Baptist Church

Women's world day of prayer logoAt the 2012 international meeting of the WWDP the Christian women of Cuba were given the theme ‘Receive children. Receive me’ to write a service on for 2016. Members of the Cuban national committee, together with more than 20 other WDP women came together to develop the service we celebrated on the 4th March. It was circulated and translated into more than 60 languages and 1,000 dialects. In the British Isles alone some 6,000 services will have been held.

Ladies from Corpus Christi, Bristol Road Baptist Church, Uphill Methodist Church, St Nicholas Church, Emmanuel Church, Boulevard URC, St Pauls Church, Salvation Army and Victoria Methodist Church all took part with me from CPBC leading the service. Approximately 70-80 people from all the above local Churches attended for this years’ service.

As people arrived they were asked to put their names on a card which had on the front the Cuban national flower (Butterfly jasmine flower). Later in the service these cards were handed around for people to take away and pray for the person whose name was on it. This in a way extending the WWDP for a few more days/weeks.

The ladies from the above churches participated as Cuban women/girls who carried symbols (a Bible, bowl of provisions, diary, candle, maracas and sugar) to a table. They then read throughout the service.

Children, young people and families were at the heart of this years’ service and the theme
‘Receive children. Receive me.’ was based on the readings from Mark 10:13-16 and Isaiah 11:1-10. Jesus called the children to him “Let the little children come to me..for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs”. In the service we were challenged to see children through Jesus’ eyes – and not only children but all God’s people.

As leader I conducted the ‘Meditation’ which was a number of slides portraying children / adults in different settings and asking questions to the congregation about what they thought they were looking at. Also to view the ‘Meditation picture’ and ask how this spoke to them. The artist of this picture (Ruth Mariet Trueba Castro) used symbolism and poetry to convey how we may ‘receive children’ and how ‘the child within us’ may receive Jesus. She also wanted to represent the diversity of the Cuban people.

We sang ‘Come on and celebrate’, ‘All over the world the Spirit is moving’, ‘Sent by the Lord am I’ and ‘The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended’; with a singing prayer of praise ‘O sing to the Lord’ and lastly ‘For everyone born, a place at the table’ sang beautifully by our soloist Kaye Cooke. We prayed for the people and leaders of Cuba and also for our own town, churches, church families and children of Weston-super-Mare. Our offering amounted to a wonderful £240 which will go towards many national and international projects.

All responding with: We are your children, part of your beloved creation and have a place in your heart. Help us: to speak kindly and to be a forgiving community, to accept every human being as unique and worthy to God, to keep the hope in a future of justice and peace, to receive children in
order that they are able to dream, laugh, dance and love without discrimination.

Thank you to everyone who attended CPBC and to those who took part in the service. Thank you to all the people to helped with welcoming, audio/visual, sound, music, singing, refreshments and making of cakes / home-made lemonade.

Remember : Receive children. Receive me.

Jane Ridge


A fantastic weekend of mission and fellowship with Roger Jones, his team and his latest musical Barnabas.

barn-mainIt all started Saturday morning when over sixty people aged from eight to eighty arrived to sing in the choir. Annie Routley soon had them sorted out and training began. Learning the musical was a huge amount of fun but with twelve pieces in four part harmony it was no mean task.  By lunchtime we were over half way through, finishing the last few songs afterwards and we still had time for a full run through before heading home.

Sunday afternoon arrived and so did the choir for a full dress rehearsal with the composer Roger Jones and his team of soloists. The choir were arranged on stage in their final positions with the sopranos up in the choir loft and altos, tenors and bass on the platform. The sound the choir made in full voice was amazing and the rehearsal went off without a hitch. Finally by five we were just about ready for the evening performance.

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Community Youth Choir Concert

CYC With Music Notes and words Community Youth Choir

On Sunday afternoon a large audience of family, friends and well wishers gathered at Clarence Park Baptist Church for the second concert of the Community Youth Choir which meets there every Tuesday in term time to rehearse.

The thirteen girls who make up the choir, the majority of whom are still at Junior School, delighted everybody with a varied and tuneful programme, mostly consisting of songs from musicals.


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Nepal Earthquake – Simigaon School

A big THANK YOU to church members who responded to our article in the June Newsletter on the plight of this community in Nepal. A total of £250 has been received so far. This will be sent to Alan Oatway, a friend in the Lake District, who will personally take it to Nepal, to assist them in rebuilding the school, destroyed on the very day of opening, after 12 years of fund raising by the local community.

If anyone still wishes to donate, there is plenty of time before Alan returns to Nepal in the Autumn.

Thank you once again for your generosity.

Michael and Frances Wedlake.

2020 Vision Update

2020 Vision Banner Small

2015 continues to be an exciting year for ‘2020 Vision’ @CPBC as visual resources, new groups, new ministries and special events form part of various initiatives to be developed over the next 5 years.

As we move forward in our original? year visionary plan here are a few updates which encapsulates our ‘2020 Vision @CPBC.

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