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Beersheba, the conference and yet more monkeys!

The children return on Tuesday ready to start lessons again on Wednesday. In the following week, Y11 and some of Y10 will be starting their mock exams.
It’s been an interesting Christmas break. Some of us went to visit Beersheba last Monday, which is a ministry that works to equip the existing Senegalese churches. The pastors send interns to the project so that they can learn farming techniques and be discipled by the staff. Beersheba also sells its produce and acts as a witness to the surrounding villages. It’s easy to see where the boundary of Beersheba is in dry season (above).
They have a variety of livestock, including a Jersey bull!
There are some interesting plants too. The interns have their own areas of land to work with.
The WEC conference has just come to an end. It was great to hear about all the other work that’s going on in and around Senegal, meet other missionaries and join together for prayer and worship. Several people are leaving this year, so a new leadership team have been appointed (they will take over in a few months).
Some of us went to Bandia yesterday, where we met a lot of playful and quite hungry monkeys!

Give thanks for the conference, the different ministries and all the work they are doing. Please pray for them as they go back to their teams to work with different communities and people groups, translate the Bible into local languages, plant churches, help vulnerable children and support the Senegalese church. Pray especially for the new leadership team.
Please pray for the staff here at BCS as we make final preparations for the new term, and for the children and their families as they travel. Pray especially for Y10/11 as they prepare for their exams and for Joshua, who will be joining Y7 this term.
Please also pray for our internet connection, which has been very temperamental lately!

Girls’ Brigade Supporting Children’s Hospice South West

Girls’ Brigade raise £400 for Children’s Hospice South West

1st Weston GB at Charlton Farm, CHSW

1st Weston GB at Charlton Farm, CHSW

Senior Girls’ raise £400 for Children’s Hospice South West!  Jessica, Katie, and  Phoebe, travelled to Charlton Farm with leaders Hayley and Sarah to present a cheque for money raised through cake sales, coffee morning and Christmas evening .  Everyone had a fantastic day of hearing more about CHSW and a tour of Charlton Farm also devouring homemade cake.  WELL DONE GIRLS’!  Also thanks to parents, family and friends, also CPBC fellowship for supporting us in this great cause.  Please look out for our next fund raising event.

Agroforestry in the Amazon

Agroforestry plantation cropsBMS World Mission workers are embarking on a new agroforestry project to encourage people to care about the environment and to combat food insecurity in Peru.
Thanks to the service of BMS workers in the Nauta Integral Mission Training Centre (NIMTC) in Peru’s Amazon rainforest, pastors are discovering another way to use their land.
By selectively cutting down trees, and planting a wide variety of crops and plants, a huge selection of fruit and veg can be grown. Seeing just how much food is produced will help the pastors visiting the centre for theological training understand the importance of sustainable food production.
Cashew budding agroforestryWith 30 per cent of Peru’s population living below the national poverty line, sustainable food production is much needed. Agroforestry combats poverty by increasing food security – in other words, it increases the amount and variety of food that can be produced each year. This means that instead of an entire community being dependent on one crop that could fail, communities will always reap a good harvest because of the variety grown. “It’s not about bringing in money, it’s about helping people understand how they can make the most of what’s already around,” says Mark Greenwood, BMS Regional Team Leader for South America and Sub-Saharan Africa.
This year, BMS environmentalist Laura-Lee Lovering and BMS plant propagator help create a model agroforestry area at NIMTC. Pastors from remote areas of Peru come to the centre to learn about leadership and community development. They will use the model area to also learn agroforestry skills that they can take back to their communities.
agroforestry thumbnailTraditionally in South America, caring for the environment has not automatically been seen as a part of a relationship with God, but through agroforestry BMS mission workers are able to show that creation care is very much an important part of the kingdom of God.
Please pray that sustainable food production in Peru is achieved through the agroforestry project.

BMS: Agroforestry in the Amazon

Psalm 151!

We have been having a challenging and fun time in the “Discovering your shape in mission” Core Group held at Mark and Sue Green’s home. We have enjoyed exploring God’s word, craft evenings pertinent to the week’s topic and most importantly fellowship together.

On Sunday 1 November 2015 we were asked to write a Psalm – this is what we came up with as a team and we decided to share it, our prayer is that it will speak to you in some way…

Oh Lord you have held me when I was at my darkest point
Those around me do not understand my love for you
When you seemed far away from me it turns out you were near…

Hold my hand Lord and keep my eyes turned to you always
When I needed you, you came at just the right time – your time, not mine

Your salvation has kept me safe and I thank you
And I give thanks for all your great gifts.

Church Meeting 16th July 2015

Due to insufficient members being present, an official Church Meeting was not held, but it was decided to discuss the matters on the agenda, although no FINAL decisions could be made.

Steve opening the meeting in prayer following which he said “We are Christ`s Ambassadors”  We need to `Keep the focus` as we do God`s Kingdom work!.  A time of open prayer followed and the saying of The Lord`s Prayer.

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Communion Offerings – July 2015

On alternate months the additional offerings at the services which include communion are given to other organisations involved in mission, either locally, nationally or internationally.

For July it was decided to support Chaplaincy About Town (ChAT). They are a charity that has been set up by local Christians, to provide a friendly listening ear to businesses, employees, shoppers & anyone who frequents the Weston-super-Mare town centre.

£109.70 has been sent to them – for which they have expressed grateful thanks.

News about ChAT can be found on their website – www.westonchat.org.uk.



Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody

EverybodySomebodyNobodyAnybodyAs I sit in my office I am waiting a call from a furniture company. A few weeks ago we had a new sofa delivered but it got damaged as the delivery drivers carried it into the house. Each delivery man at that point blamed the other. Subsequently the delivery branch then blamed the order branch and no one wanted to take responsibility for sorting it out. Then came the repairer who did a temporary repair and ordered the replacement cover to be fitted.

When the new cover came it was the wrong material completely. And so began a new game of the mis-order being the fault of someone else …. The truth is …. all we want is the sofa sorted. So in my frustration I have just sent off an email to the CEO of the company …. mind you he will probably blame someone else!

All of this reminds me of the poem that was written about Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody. In case you have never heard it, it goes like this:

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