Psalm 151!

We have been having a challenging and fun time in the “Discovering your shape in mission” Core Group held at Mark and Sue Green’s home. We have enjoyed exploring God’s word, craft evenings pertinent to the week’s topic and most importantly fellowship together.

On Sunday 1 November 2015 we were asked to write a Psalm – this is what we came up with as a team and we decided to share it, our prayer is that it will speak to you in some way…

Oh Lord you have held me when I was at my darkest point
Those around me do not understand my love for you
When you seemed far away from me it turns out you were near…

Hold my hand Lord and keep my eyes turned to you always
When I needed you, you came at just the right time – your time, not mine

Your salvation has kept me safe and I thank you
And I give thanks for all your great gifts.