Steve’s Christmas Message

Photograph of Steve ChristianWhen I do my Christmas shopping every present is carefully chosen. There has to be planning in buying the presents so that they are wanted and each person gets the right gift. After all no one wants to buy something that will sit in a cupboard for 12 months or more waiting to be brought out, wrapped and given to someone else so that they too can just put it in a cupboard!

This Christmas our Advent series SENT is a reminder to us that the bigger picture of the Christmas story is that Jesus is God’s perfect gift to us, sent to save us and restore us to Himself.

It is my hope that through this Advent season we will explore deeper together why God sent Jesus and also through discussion ground deeper into our own lives and experience just what God has done for us. So during some of our Advent mornings, please be prepared, as I speak, to stop and to talk together, to share together, to listen and to learn from one another so that Christ may not just be put into the box of Sunday morning and God’s gift to us is not just wrapped up for Christmas, but instead enjoyed, appreciated and lived out in our lives all year round.

We wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

With love in Christ,

Steve, Maxine, Katie and Daniel